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 Deck Scoring

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PostSubject: Deck Scoring   Sat May 30, 2009 3:05 pm

When tested players will have the opportunity to have their deck scored on compatibility and effectiveness the scoring should look like this:

Player Name
Type of Deck (All decks that do not have a basis will be referred to as PTG (Put together) Decks)

Overall Score (Is the deck good(NOT OPINION)? 1-5)
Overall Compatibility(Does the deck work together with its self? 1-5)
Combos (All combos should be 1-5 1 being a simple combo and 5 being game deciding combos)
Unique Deck(1-5, 1 being common 5 being extremely rare)

If anyone can think of anything else it should be scored on please reply to this post and I will fix it lol.

All tests can be performed by DragonClaws or my self!


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Deck Scoring
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