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Welcome to Team Pink the KCVDS team! You are apparently not logged in to the website. If you are just browsing please consider joining! You can join by registering via this page. Have a nice day and we hope to see you again some time!

Team Pink

Yugioh KCVDS Team
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Team Pink has started and is in the works to become better and more populated! Enjoy your stay and please invite your friends!

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PostSubject: Welcome! RULES HERE MUST READ!!!!!   Thu May 28, 2009 11:48 pm

Welcome to Team Pink! We are a community for the online game Kaiba Corp Virtual Duel System (Provided by Seto Kaiba) and are being made to prepare for the upcoming Version 1.16! For this community to stay a functioning one however, we must follow a few rules.

Do not constantly post in the same topic repeatedly unless you do so in the Spam topic which is set up.

No racial slurs are allowed in any post if you are caught doing so the first time will result in the post being deleted and you will be banned for 10 days. 2nd offense will result in perma-ban.

No pornography or any other illegal images will be tolerated.

Please refrain from using symbols that may offend certain individuals.


" Books(of Taiyou) are the blessed chloroform of the mind." --Robert Chambert
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome! RULES HERE MUST READ!!!!!   Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:18 pm

All right... MY HAMACHI is being dumb.. send me a messsage on here so i can contact you a different way tewky
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